Hey guys, welcome back and Happy New Month! Still on my Bournemouth Trip, today i’m sharing my beach experience with y’all. There’s something about beaches that make me excited. It’s definitely not the water, because I can’t swim to save my life! Maybe the breeze, sun and sand.


On Sunday after church, we (Atinuke and I) planned to go to the beach. Unfortunately, the weather had other plans. But we weren’t having none of it, we packed our picnic box anyways and headed for the beach.

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Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I know! and I’m sorry! Can we skip the part where I give excuses about coursework, school stress and work stress 🙂 and focus on the fact that it’s Summer now and I don’t have to worry about all that! except work though 😦 Anyhoo, I’ve been making good use of my free time to travel and explore UK before the next semester begins.


Few weeks ago, I visited my friend Atinuke Ololade Muraina, who I like to call Ololade Mrs Money 😀 Not because she’s married to money oooo, but because I can. 😛 We’ve been great friends since Undergrad days so it’s safe to say we go way back! She’s currently studying at Bournemouth University – PhD level. Yeahhhh she’s not your mate! #jokes

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It’s funny how time flies! Like, I remember having my big chop at O’naturals this day last year, when all my mates were having lunch and dinner dates with their various boos, lol… I also put a post here a day before, for the single ladies. This year I’ll be spending the whole day in school not because BB is hours away, but because my bffs specifically warned me to face my studies and not follow man! 😦 #yimu


Anyhoo, Happy Valentine’s Day darlings! And congratulations to the winners!

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Heyyyyyyy! Happy new yearrrrr! 😀 I’m sure you can tell I am excitedddd! Okay i’ll stop now, lol! It’s a new year and I have so much to be thankful for. December 2015, I took up photography as a hobby/getaway from joblessness, and January last year, I started my photography blog. I must say, it’s been an amazing journey! I’ve done a lot of event shoots since then, met a lot of people and been to places!  And of course made money from doing what I love!


Also, the past couple of months have been filled with a mixture of anxiety, hope and fear. What a combination right? I mean, it was my birthday 2 months ago and I almost didn’t feel the need to celebrate, like I couldn’t be bothered because I had so much on my mind. Well, I would go into details but then that’s not why we’re here 😛 But I thank God for showing up for me! My instagram post here pretty much sums up my 2017!

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Yes! We pulled another one off! This time, it’s a surprise birthday party. I think I should delve into part time event management, surprise parties to be precise because I’m becoming a pro!


That’s by the way, It’s Mabel’s birthday today!!!!!!!!!!


I honestly don’t know where to start, lol… This was the same thing I told BB (Code name for Baby Boy :p) last night and he said “just do the usual, a story, i’m sure you’ll warm up”. That didn’t help at all because I still didn’t know how to start the story, but it was well appreciated 😀 (just in case he reads this)

Mabel, Mabel, Mabel…

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When Tonia called to tell me she had a paid job for me, I was so excited. Not just because I hadn’t gotten a paid photography job in weeks, but because it was another opportunity to capture beautiful moments and make memories. Tonia is one of my favourite flight attendant colleagues by the way. Yeah I used to be a flight attendant, and I blogged about it here.

Okay back to the matter (open and close 😛 ), her friend Kewe is getting married and she and her other friends planned a surprise bridal shower for her.

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BIRTHDAY GIRL: Oluwatomisin Solarin

I’m sure by now y’all know my Peanut, Tomisin (Oreemi Makeupin) Makeup Artist of life and after existence! Allow me please, it’s her birthday today!!!


In 2008, i met this cute little girl, with the sweetest smile and smallest eyes which grows smaller  when she smiles 🙂


First, we were neighbours. She’ll scream my name from her balcony “Grace Ogunleye Grace!” and before i knew it, we were roommates. Only Tomi can move into your room and send you away from your bed!

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SURPRISE!!! Tobi’s Bridal Shower

So, this is the third successful bridal shower I’ve been a part of in the last 2 years. I blogged about the second here

Last weekend, myself and some other friends gave our dear friend and coursemate Tobi Adekunle her second surprise bridal shower. The first was planned by her chidhood friends in Ibadan, where she grew up.


The intial plan was for us all to attend the one in Ibadan, but since the wedding will be in Ibadan too, we thought it would be too stressful for the Lagos based friends to travel twice in two weeks, so we decided to throw her another one.

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